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Latest News on Innovation Engineering

Good Morning Innovation Leaders, I am very excited about the momentum our Innovation Engineering Movement is generating. May 16th in Canada at 9:00 p.m. a new TV show called Backyard Inventors featuring the Innovation Engineering system will go on air on the W Network.  It features myself, Maggie Nichols and Maggie Slovonick of the Ranch will air.   What I'm most proud of is that the show is incredibly "Real."   The small group of people you see - were the ones who made the miraculous transformations happen.  It's proof once again of the power of the Innovation Engineering system. There is the possibility that I will lead an Inventor Bootcamp on Prince Edward island this summer - with 100% of proceeds going to the College of Piping --- to support Bagpipers and Drummers.  It would be a 2 day program of education, advice and fail FAST, fail CHEAP testing.  If you're interested, please call the Eureka! Ranch and leave your name - or post a response to this blog post. The Innovation Engineering Labs 2.0 release is looking very good.  It features some very -- ok I'll say it -- Wicked Good upgrades we say in Maine.   [...]

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Ask Doug from VERMONT

Sorry for late posting.   Here's the questions and answers from the Great State of Vermont Doug Attachments VermontDayt1

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Definitions of the Innovation Engineering Management System Roles & Responsibilities

Hello Innovation Engineering Leaders, This responds to a recent request from an Innovation Leader for a more detailed description of each of the Innovation Engineering Management System roles. Innovation Engineering Management System Project Roles Project Leader:  The “Energy Source” & Leader of the Innovation Project. Project Leader is the role that is both the most fun and the most work in the process.   They provide the energy, vision and direction for the project.  The project leader is the “hub of the wheel” connecting to all of the departments, team members and resources (inside and outside the organization).  The role is modeled after the P&G Brand Manager role of the 70’s and 80’s and Toyota’s Chief Engineer role for new vehicle development. Project Leaders lead the project and are responsible for making the multitude of technical and business tradeoffs. Among the tasks for the Project Leader are: 1.  Keeping the Focus on the Purpose:  With the mountain of changes, issues, adjustments necessary to take an innovation to market it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of the project.  This purpose is generally embodied in the customer problem that the innovation addresses.  Great Project Leaders keep the focus on the purpose [...]

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Ask Doug from Freeport Maine Day 1

Good Morning Innovation Leaders, Here's the Ask Doug questions from Freeport Maine. It's the single largest collection of cards on Day 1 ever -- and from one of the most HIGHLY PROACTIVE groups  ever. The audio is long - but there are tons of great "nuggets" in it - I think you'll enjoy it. As always - if you click on the link it will take you to the blog where you can play the audio in your web browser or you can download the audio for playing later. As many of you know I'm from Maine - not just in birth but in spirit and soul. So for me this is like being home. It was here on a very, very cold week in January 2010 - at the Sugarloaf Ski resort that the first Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute was conducted. I am in total amazement at how far we've come in such a short period of time. It's moments like these that it's important to note the leadership and true proactive leadership from NIST MEP and the University of Maine that have made this program possible. Doug Attachments AskDougDay1Freeport2012

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Best Ask Doug Questions Ever

From Freeport Maine - a new record .... 44 Cards -- the audio is fast and full of wicked good questions.  The group this week really stretched me.   I felt like I was in a Lateral Thinking exercise -- being challenged to think, think, think. Enjoy the questions and my attempts at answers from the wonderful world of Freeport Maine. Next up is Vermont -- I'm really excited to get back to the Innovation Pioneers of the Green Mountain State. Doug Attachments Ask_Doug_IELI_Freeport_ME_2012

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Change the Conversation Today — Bring Buying Opportunties to US Manufacturers

Today is a great day to sell Innovation! Use the skills learned in the Leadership Institute and bring a Buying Opportunity (or several) to a manufactuer. Try these: Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Rawlings is looking for U.S.-based manufacturers that are capable of making production quantities for seven new product ideas. These products will be sold as Rawlings products through its distribution channels. This is the third “call for manufacturers” from the Edison Nation®/NIST MEP partnership to bolster U.S.-based manufacturing.Request- Looking for... Attached are RFQs for the following products: 1.    AirPowR Series of Batting Trainers:  Batting swing training devices that increase drag without increasing weight2.    Batter Up Batting Guide: An indicator that helps kids know where to hold a bat 3.    Giant Foam Run Glove: A foam baseball glove similar to “foam fingers” that can be sold to fans at baseball games 4.    Hitter’s Best Friend, or Snapper:  A batting swing training device 5.    Tee Stackers:  Baseball holders that extend the number of balls held by one tee 6.    Wonderweight: Weights with spinning action that engage all shoulder and arm muscles Read the full request at: PepBoys is looking for U.S.-based manufacturers that are capable of making production quantities for four new product [...]

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Live from Powell Wyoming – Ask Doug

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, If you click through to the Innovation Engineering site - or go to I Tunes - you can hear the Ask Doug questions from Day 1 in Powell Wyoming. Powell Wyoming is where Dr. Deming grew up.   We've had a wonderful dinner in celebration of Dr. Deming - and I've had an opportunity to meet many wonderful people. The more you get to understand Dr. Deming - the more amazing he is.  The best way to learn about him is to read his classic book  Out of the Crises. Enjoy the audio - the class is a big one - and we're having a ton of fun. Doug Attachments PowellWyDay1

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Innovation Engineering – ask Doug Day 2 Cincinnati

Hi folks There have been requests for the day two recording from the Cincinnati Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute. I was really not in the best of health - it pains me to listen to it - but here it is. You can click on the link to IE Labs to get it or you can subscribe on I Tunes Doug Attachments IELI_Cincy_2

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Time to Step it Up!

Good Morning Innovation Leaders, "It's Time to Step it Up!" was what NIST MEP Director Roger Kilmer challenged the MEP Center Directors and the Innovation Engineering community to do this past week at the MEP Quarterly Meeting in San Diego. To be more specific - it's time to "Step it Up!" with plans for growth. Your HOMEWORK this week is to take your growth pipeline and STEP IT UP! Step 1:  DEFINE your Active Projects  Make a list of every active project you and your team are working on.  List every process improvement, sales, marketing, product development project you are investing time, energy and or money on. The ideal way of recording ideas is to on yellow cards (you can download template from IE Labs web site) - but I'm not picky - a simple list on a chart pad or on index cards works as well. In a perfect world - you will also have clear "math game plans" for every idea.  You will have done the math on how much each idea will grow your business.  And a list of death threats.  However, again - I'm not picky - for this homework lets at a minimum have a [...]

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How to do Stimulus Mining at a Trade Show

Good Morning Innovation Leaders, This week we introduced the beta version of the Innovation Engineering iPad app at the MEP quarterly meeting in San Diego. The entire community will get the app later in the spring with the release of Innovation Engineering Labs 2.0.   It includes over 50 different improvements to help you in your quest to Increase Innovation Speed and Decrease Risk. It will integrate seamlessly with your Stage Gate or Lean Product Development system.  It also provides your company's Management and Process Black Belts with some industrial strength tools as they lead the creation of a sustainable innovation culture within your organization. IMPORTANTLY:  All benefits from the upgrade will be available on all devices as we will continue to support cloud computing.   If you have an internet browser you will be able to use IELabs 2.0.    Those with an iPad will get the extra benefits that are made possible because of the advanced nature of the iPad platform. After the meeting in San Diego - I went with our Tech team to the Mac World trade show in San Francisco.   Our purpose was to do Insight, Market, Tech and Future Mining to guide refinement of [...]

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