A Rookie’s Adventures and Misadventures
Walking in Admiral Peary’s Footsteps

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About the Book

In North Pole Tenderfoot you will join Doug Hall on an adventure to the top of the earth – the North Pole.  Leading the expedition is Paul Schurke of Ely, Minnesota, a genuine adventure hero.

As a brilliant businessman, Hall helps the world’s leading companies with big ideas and bold innovations, but on this trip he is a rookie, a raw beginner.  In Admiral Peary’s words, he is a “tenderfoot.”

Peary had a long been Hall’s hero, and following in the great explorer’s footsteps was a dream the tenderfoot wanted to fulfill. In the fulfilling that dream, he also hope to raise awareness for his Great Aspirations! charity, which focuses on teaching parents how to inspire their children.


Phone Recordings

The following audio recordings were daily phone calls back to the USA throughout the expedition to the North Pole. While reading North Pole Tenderfoot, you will see references to these audio files.



Sample Chapters

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five