Our daughter Tori  just passed her Masters defense.   One of the members of her committee sent her a nice note of congratulations.

She concluded the note by saying “Best wishes in the journey to come. Continue to stay wise, safe and realistically idealistic – is there any better oxymoron?”

I thought about it … what a wonderful phrase

Realistically Idealistic

It got me thinking

Realistically Idealistic – a dreamer who does

Realistically Idealistic – a whole brain thinker to use the language of Ned Herrmann.

Realistically Idealistic – a 20 Something, 30 Something, 40 Something, 50 Something, 60 Something, 70 Something, 80 something or 90 something who hasn’t given up on changing the world – from small steps come great things.

Realistically Idealistic – someone who doesn’t believe in whining.

Key is to keep the two in balance…we don’t want too much realism or idealism – we need BOTH!