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The Beach Bar Blog is a collection of conversations – like those at our Beach Bars in Newtown, Ohio & PEI, Canada.  

The conversations are an informal mix of insight, wisdom and just plain foolishness. 

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Everyone Sees Things Differently

Debbie and I can’t leave our property on Prince Edward Island, however, the property includes the Brain Brew Beach Bar land. This week we took Lexi with us and as the photo indicates, my wife and I saw the recent “warm weather” on Prince Edward Island differently.    While the two of us agree on many things, it’s the differences between us that add spice and fun to living.  Imagine how boring it would be to be with people who only think and act the same as you.  Now, I do understand...

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Savoring the Positives

Nine days from now I will be less judgmental of Covid Restrictions than I was five days ago.  My wife and I are in Canada at our home on Prince Edward Island (PEI). PEI is a small province.  It has an amazingly low level of COVID infections. Yes it’s an island and yes it’s a population that is unique (a conservative government ran for election once on implementing mandatory four bin sorting of trash to reduce waste and increase recycling and won with over 70% of the vote).   PEI...

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Stop & Savor the Wonder

Jimmy Buffet is the “Patron Saint” of the Beach Bar. Bruce Springsteen is the “Patron Saint” of Brain Brew Custom Whiskey.  In a recent interview in of all places, AARP Magazine, Bruce spoke about where he gets his inspiration: “You have your antenna out,” he says. “You’re just walking through the world and you’re picking up these signals of emotions and spirit and history and events, today’s events and past remembrances. These things you divine from the air are all intangible elements:...

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Wisdom From My Great Grandfather

As you can tell by the photo, my Great Grandfather Will Holder, was a sail maker. More than that, he was an innovator. He was the first to bring “sewing machines” into a sail loft.   At the age of 95, my Great Grandfather Holder was asked his philosophy for life. His answer was simple: “One time you’re down, another time you’re up and you’re down again and you come up again.” What Will meant is that we need to accept the rhythms of life. Life is not a never ending ramp of continuing...

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Believing in Better is a Choice

This week on my morning jog around the Beach Bar Lake, I turned the corner, stopped and snapped this photo. The scene struck me. It offered a path. It offered hope to those who believe that tomorrow can and will be better than today.  For reasons I don’t fully understand, it also reminded me of a quote from The Empire Strikes Back - after Yoda raises an x-wing from the Dagobah swamp: LUKE:  I don’t believe it.          YODA: That is why you fail LINK to Video...

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Get Up! Get Out! Do Something Different!

I find that fall and spring are both filled with hope and opportunity. Part of this comes from being born and brought up in Maine, New Hampshire and Prince Edward Island.   Both spring and fall are times for rebirth. Both engage a ritual of putting away one set of clothes and pulling the next season’s clothes from the back of the closet. With the crazed world of today, rebirth is something we all need more of. We need to restart and disengage from the political and covid “noise” that can...

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Thankfulness – An Antidote for Tribalism

Talk around the Beach Bar over the past week has been about the anger inherent in tribalism across today’s world.   When we are THANKFUL we embrace the good in the world.  When we are ANGRY we digest the bad in the world.    Expressing anger makes us feel good in the moment - as our ego is stroked and we feel a sense of belonging to our tribe. However, the good feelings are shallow and destructive. Thankfulness provides a lasting warmth to our body, mind and soul. It...

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Cooking Advice for Living Life

A recent quote by chef Jacques Pepin on cooking is great advice on LIVING and INNOVATING, especially in a Covid world: “Cooking / LIVING / INNOVATING is the art of adjustment.  It is not always about following the recipe.   The recipe is a guide but also a restraint. When you cook / LIVE / INNOVATE, you cannot just follow the recipe, you have to adjust to the product / SITUATION that is in front of you.   The pears / ENVIRONMENT might be more or less ripe, more or less juicy,...

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Charles Dickens & Mindset

Lexi feels it’s the BEST of TIMES! Around the campfire recently, we talked about how happy our dog Lexi is with Covid-19.  She gets more walks and gets to hang out with us all day. The conversation reminded me of the famous Charles Dickens quote: "It was the BEST of times, it was the WORST of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything...

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Ignorance & Meatballs 🙂

Feeling ignorant of what to do? Feeling ignorant on how to plan for the future? You’re not alone… In a recent interview, Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame offered advice on dealing with ignorance:   “We don’t value our ignorance enough. Ignorance is really good to have if it is combined with curiosity, and scientists are professional curiosity machines.  We should all imitate that as much as possible.” Replacing the anxiety of feeling ignorant - with the wonder of curiosity is a wicked cool...

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