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The Beach Bar Blog is a collection of conversations – like those at our Beach Bars in Newtown, Ohio & PEI, Canada.  

The conversations are an informal mix of insight, wisdom and just plain foolishness. 

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What Matters

A new mindset is growing on what matters and what doesn’t.  As the sun sank down over the lake at the Beach Bar recently, the conversation turned to how each of us has changed our mindset on what matters and what doesn’t. With the new mindset, what used to be considered “annoying” has changed.   When you hear of friends who are sick with COVID, or worse, you change your perspective.  Someone cutting the line in front of you in the grocery store just doesn’t matter. They may be...

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Sailing with the Winds

Today it’s time to put away the motor boat and enjoy sailing. Motor boats are direct. You simply point the bow, give it some throttle, and off you go from here to there.  Sailboats are indirect. Sailers work with the wind that is available. This makes sailing a more mindful experience than a motor boat. A Problem with Wind Shift The Beach Bar in Cincinnati is at the northeast end of the lake. The winds normally blow from the opposite, southwest, end of the lake. This means that after...

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My Advice – STAY HUMAN

As I sipped coffee on the dock as the sun came up, my mind was bouncing through the latest news of the day and my reality.     No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find solutions to the cascading issues, uncertainties, and unknowns. I snapped the attached photo as the lake lit up in beauty.  After another sip, I laughed to myself as I was reminded of the first few weekends of our hand sanitizer donation program. As people expressed their thanks and wonder that we were giving it...

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An Optimistic Look at an Ugly COVID-19 Forecast

As whole fish cooked on the fire at the Beach Bar in Ohio a few nights ago, the conversation, as it’s prone to do this summer, turned to COVID-19.  Earlier in the day, a Doctor who is part of national efforts to address COVID-19 told me that the group he is a part of is assuming that Covid-19 will be with us for two more years!  I related what I’d heard and the reaction was YIKES!  Actually it was a bigger reaction, but let’s keep the blog clean :).  Before the debate on if it was going to be...

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Books Worth Reading This Summer 2020

Books Worth Reading - Summer of 2020  I recently cleaned my book shelves in my office.  In the process I found some “gems” of books that I’d bought and never gotten around to reading.   Here’s some I strongly recommend reading this summer.  Never have Your Dog Stuffed and Other Things by Alan Alda The star of the tv series MASH - writes about his life and about living.  It’s incredibly well written.  It’s one of those rare biographies that makes you think....

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2020 Beach Bar Cocktails

Beach Bar Cocktails - Summer 2020 A GREAT Cocktail is an escape from the world of same old same old.  It’s an exquisite sensation that stops time - sparks delight - and demands to be sipped not gulped.   Here are the cocktails I’m making, serving and drinking at the Beach Bar during the summer of 2020.  Returning Classic from Summer 2019 Hemingway Daiquiri: This drink by one of the greatest writers of all time has made this list for ten straight summers.  Fresh juice is...

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Why I’m Starting a New Blog

Over the past 3 months an urge has grown within me to take a fresh direction with my writing.   That’s another way to say “an urge has grown within me to take a fresh direction with my thinking.”   You see, for me - writing is how I do my deepest thinking.   My 7 books are simply me trying to makes sense of a part of the world around me.  Until recently, I couldn’t find the proper “voice” for my next writing effort.   Over the past four weeks I’ve been working with...

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