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My 10 Most Reliable Methods for Creating Ideas

For 50 years Doug Hall has been inventing BIG IDEAS for organizations like Procter & Gamble, Nike, Walt Disney, AT&T, The National Wildlife Federation and thousands of others.  This keynote and/or workshop teaches his 10 most reliable methods for creating ideas that solve your personal and professional problems.


How To Use Innovation to Compete and Win Against Giants

This program teaches you what Doug has learned as he shifted from 20+ years of Big Whiskey to co-founding a craft bourbon distillery.  It’s an inspiring and humorous program that will ignite your entrepreneurial  Beyond the learnings – Doug will tell the inspiring story of how he and his Brain Brew Crew are using innovation to produce and market fully customized bourbon by the bottle or glass – and how they created Dexter Bourbon  Three Wood – selected as one of the 12 best bourbons in the world. 

Classic Doug Hall Keynotes & Workshops

Driving Eureka!

Driving Eureka!®  How Everyone can Find, Filter & Fast Track BIG IDEAS. This keynote and/or workshop teaches you and your group how to create new ideas and make them happen with increased speed and decreased risk.  It’s based on 50 years of experimentation and research inventing and shipping ideas.   

The Maverick Mindset® – How to find the courage to journey from fear to freedom.  This keynote and/or workshop teaches how to find the courage to be proactive in your personal and professional life.   It’s filled with simple lessons and learnings that everyone can apply. 

Jump Start Your Business Brain®  – How to win more, lose less, and make more money with sales, marketing and business development ideas.  This keynote and/or workshop teaches a proven system for helping teams think smarter, faster, and more innovatively while also, learning how to sell more, to more people, for more money.

Meaningful Marketing® –  This keynote and/or workshop teaches a sales and marketing approach that multiplies the impact of every dollar invested and every dollar you spend by teaching you how to make meaningful connections with customers instead of using mindless marketing tricks.

The Science of Eureka!® –  This keynote and/or workshop teaches you and your audience the science of idea creation.  Hard data collected from thousands of innovators and hundreds of Create Sessions powers the presentation.  This lively presentation transforms idea creation from a random gamble to a reliable system.

YOUR Workshop YOUR Way – These are 10 to 15 minute workshops are custom assembled to meet the needs of your group.  If you are unsure of what is best for your group – a simple survey is available that will identify those that would be most meaningful to them. 

MIND DUMP® – This workshop teaches you how to tap into your existing wealth of wisdom to create ideas.

MATRIX™ – This workshop teaches you to create ideas by forcing two or more distinct ideas together to create a new solution. 

LAW BREAKER® – This workshop teaches you to create disruptive “wow” ideas by overtly confronting the status quo. 

MUSICAL CHAIRS® – This workshop teaches you how to leverage diversity of thought when creating ideas by looking at your problem through the eyes of others. 

DON’T SELL ME® – This workshop teaches you how to create ideas by looking beyond the tangible to the benefits and effects that the parts and pieces of your problem deliver. 

KITCHEN CHEMISTRY® – This workshop teaches you how to create ideas by making your challenge tactile and touchable.  It’s a hands on experience that ignites curiosity and experimentation.

HOMEWARD TRAIL® – This workshop teaches you how to create ideas  going back to the origin of your challenge – it’s fundamental reason for being as well as it’s meaningfully moments. 

BORROWING BRILLIANCE® – This workshop teaches you to create ideas by taping into the wisdom of others through the six stimulus minings – Patent, Wisdom, Marketplace, Insight, Future and Unrelated. 

TRUTH TELLER® – This workshop teaches you how to create ideas by confronting the realities of your situation.  This includes the math associated with costs and profits – the technical realities – and practical considerations.

GREAT ESCAPE® – This keynote / workshop teaches you how to create ideas by taping into your subconscious mind.  You do this by slowing down your mind and becoming aware of your instincts, feelings and thoughts. 

BOS Profiler® – This keynote / workshop teaches you how to leverage the strengths of your Brain Operating System to create ideas.  A simple confidential thinking style or “Brain Operating System”to create ideas. 

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