The last song of the Broadway musical Kinky Boots is a lesson to everyone “You change the world when you change your mind.”

A mindset of curiosity discovers new ideas.Newsletter 22 Key Image-1

A mindset of experimentation sparks fresh ideas.

A mindset of learning sees failure as a critical step in the journey of innovation success.

A mindset of discovery enables serendipity.

A mindset of collaboration ignites successful problem solving.

A mindset of responsibility enables a sense of urgency towards change.

In my mind, it breaks down to a simple choice between positive and negative thinking. When we think positively – we unleash the power of the brain to do amazing things. When we think negatively we become a huddled mass of wimpy whining.

Your Mindset Impacts The Output of Your Brain

I read an academic study when working on my book Jump Start Your Marketing Brain about the impact of mindset on thinking. In one series of experiments researchers took groups of adults and in effect “gave them a mindset” when problem solving.   

They gave the groups a series of problems to solve. With each problem they told them they wanted them to think creatively, think outrageously or even think more profitably, etc. And as you might guess, when participants took on a specific mindset they delivered ideas in line with the mindset they had been given.

This is amazing. Even when obviously being manipulated to think a certain way – the mind takes action as it is guided to think.

The secret to changing your life is changing your mind. It doesn’t take money, or contacts, or resources  – it just requires taking responsibility for how you are thinking.

THINK. You are the leader of what is right…your boss, your partner, your community are NOT the leader of you or of what’s right for you. When you have the mindset of the “bigger person” – you generate energy around you that supports the change that’s needed in the world.

As Hamilton sings in the play by the same name in the song Non-stop:

Hey, what are you waiting for?

What do you stall for?