Research finds that customers are 3 TIMES more likely to purchases when they LIKE the environment.

At the University of British Columbia students were shown the 3 is the magic sales numberadvertisements for products. In one case there was music playing that the students enjoyed. In the other case they were playing music that annoyed the students.

At the completion of the presentation the students were given the opportunity to purchase a small item. 3 TIMES more students bought when they were in the environment that played the music they enjoyed.

As Ben Franklin said, “If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” When you are making your pitch – make your environment as friendly and as likable as possible.

When presenting data to a customer you will be most effective if:

A) You provide a clear & simple chart
B) You explain the data in clear & simple words

The correct answer is B, you explain the data in clear & simple words.

Research shows that when you use simple words versus a chard with numbers and percents – WORDS are 2 times more effective at communicating the marketing message. And 3 TIMES more effective at increasing purchase intent.

So if you want someone to really get the message you’re sending, don’t get clever with charts and graphs. Say it with words – the straightforward, easy way to get your point across and increase the chance that your customers will take action.

When attempting to make a sale research finds that the best return on your investment of time and money is to make 3 ATTEMPTS.

Ignite CURIOSITY with your first personal pitch, marketing advertisement or mailing. It should provoke interest through a mind opening thought designed to get your customers to stop, listen and most importantly THINK.

Your second pitch should deepen UNDERSTANDING and should explain with clarity how what you promised in the first pitch can be delivered.

The third pitch should focus on enabling them to make a DECISION. It should address any key concerns and most importantly always ASK for the sale.

Most people make one pitch and give up. DON’T! Always make three pitches in order to ignite curiosity, understanding and enable a decision. Your sales dreams are much more likely to come true.