I’m tried of incremental steps. 

I’m tired of being practical and prudent.Blog Slides.002

I’m tired of self important pucker faces telling me to be reasonable.

It’s time to think big again!

It’s time to dream great ideas!

It’s time to make a meaningful difference in this world.

I’m NOT saying that we don’t need continuous improvements.  In fact, we teach that a balanced innovation portfolio is 85% core incremental improvements and 15% LEAP transformations.

What I am saying is that we need to confront reality on the fact that most organizations are 99.99999% CORE and .0000001% LEAP. 

We need to be brave.  We need to stand up and take responsibility for igniting some revolutionary ideas for how we work, what we do and what we offer our customers.   

Fortunately – I am getting a sense that I am not alone in my frustrations.   Over the past month the Eureka! Ranch team are hearing from executives who are tired of the same old same old.   There is a growing desire to do as students irreverently say about our Innovation Engineering courses…. To do “Cool Sh#t that Matters.”

So what are you waiting for? 

Get up!

Get Out!

Let’s do it!