Imagine a world where across your 10K person organization you had 1K people innovating in their sphere of influence. They were consciously bigstock-Sequence-of-pumpkin-plant-grow-32097536thinking smarter, faster and more innovatively about their daily tasks.

Research is finding that if you ignite just 10% of your people – you set off unstoppable momentum towards culture change.

If you try to change the culture without first igniting the people – you will fail.

This approach was inspired by conversations with Kevin Cahill – Executive Director of the The W. Edwards Deming Institute. He spoke of the need for enabling everyone. He said, “I believe that every single person, in every single organization, has some sphere of influence they can impact.

Quite simply when you light up the innovators and early adopters across your organization with training, tools and support you set off a chain reaction of growth.

Dr. Deming famously would push executives with his famous challenge, “By What Method” will you accomplish this.

In our case we’re finding 3 things are key to the method of transformation:

  1. Academically sound, reliable and reproducible education,
  2. Tools that enable the TEACHING to be made real, 
  3. Activation & Reactivation of the training & tools till they become a cultural habit.

I’ll be talking more about this as we prepare to release a dramatic upgrade to our system for enabling leaders of teams, divisions, or companies to ignite a sustainable culture of innovation at the 7th Annual Digital Innovation Engineering conference being held on Friday, November 22, 2019 – MARK YOUR CALENDAR!