This morning as I exercised my mind wandered to a dear friend Scott Macaulay – who passed away from cancer way to soon.   In his last year of life he spent time really noticing smells, tastes, sights and sounds.   I remember him commenting on the aroma and flavor of a cocktail sauce we were putting on some fresh Prince Edward Island Oysters.  

In a similar way my Step Mom Lois Hall who passed away recently was someone who lived life to the fullest.  She embraced the sensory world.   Together we cooked, made cocktails and enjoyed adventures.   

Lois is on the right side of the photo on the right – an empty glass of strawberry daiquiri in her left hand. We had rowed out to the sandbar in New London Bay PEI – for oysters and cocktails.  I helped Lois’s brother get back to shore – when I came back the tide had come in – the ladies were laughing and enjoying themselves.   

I am thankful for what Lois taught me about how to live life.   About a year ago, when I had some crazed cooking idea and was inviting her to attend – she said to me “Don’t ask me to come to unless you want me to say yes – because I’m always going to say yes!”

In loving memory of Scott and Lois – I started a list of tastes and smells that are magical.  Feel free to add to the list…

Happy Thanksgiving


Thank You for COFFEE  – the smell, the richness of flavor makes each day bright.  

Thank You for WOOD FIRE COOKING – there is something magical about cooking over a wood fire.  Especially a salmon encased in salt – with a fire above and below it as shown in the photo. 

Thank You for BACON – Ok so maybe it’s not the healthiest food in the world but it sure is a magical aroma. 

Thank You for EVERGREENS – Researchers have found that smelling pine, spruce, etc. has a restorative effect. 

Thank You for SEA BREEZES – they restore the sole.

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