1986-2020 Doug.001

2020 has me thinking on how things have changed in the 34 years since I founded the Eureka! Ranch.

In 1986 Consumer Products were the thought leaders of innovation and the focus was on creating line extensions, category segmentations and gurus.

In 2020 the thought leaders are more varied with industrial, medical, CBD/THC, services, internet, artificial intelligence, and banking all focused on innovation.

TODAY there is a focus on BIGGER, BOLDER, PATENTABLE WOW Innovations.

Leaders are looking for meaningfully unique innovations that enable them to change the profitability of their industry and or their business model.    It’s the time of Capital “I” Inventing instead of small “i” incremental changes.  

TODAY there is an urgency for Systems for ACCELERATING Ideas to Market

Having focused on the “front end” of innovation – executives are frustrated with how long it takes to get ideas to market.


Leaders are tired of renting an “Innovation Guru.” They are asking for coaching, education and tools to enable their people to think faster, smarter and more innovatively.   To support this we’ve rebuilt our curriculum and tools to work for all levels of employees through independent Apps or the companies existing LMS Platform.