Books Worth Reading – Summer of 2020 

I recently cleaned my book shelves in my office.  In the process I found some “gems” of books that I’d bought and never gotten around to reading.   Here’s some I strongly recommend reading this summer. 

Never have Your Dog Stuffed and Other Things by Alan Alda

The star of the tv series MASH – writes about his life and about living.  It’s incredibly well written.  It’s one of those rare biographies that makes you think.   I’ve also started watching the MASH series on HULU.  After reading the book I have a much greater appreciation for the TV series. 

The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook by Thomas J. Donohoe. 

I must admit up front that I am not a big fan of most books on “digital marketing.”   Most are one off stories, legends and lore.  This book is different.  It’s the first digital marketing book that makes sense to me.   To paraphrase my friends from Wyoming, “His SH#t Works.”   We have “test drove” his teachings during the pandemic with our whiskey business.  The results are nothing short of amazing. 

Bitter Brew – The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America’s Kings of Beer  by William Knoedelseeder.  

A fascinating book about an American icon.  The story is amazing.  The family and company come off both inspiring and crazy stupid.   It’s a story about a beer company – but it could be the story of many corporations.   Well written and highly entertaining. 

How to Eat  – All your food and diet questions answered by Mark Bittman and David L Katz MD.

This is a recent book by the famous NY Times Food Writer.   The book is 242 page of questions and answers that are clear and convincing with a touch of humor to them.   The lessons are familiar but the format is fresh.   Again – as is my preference for best books – it’s well written and highly entertaining. 

Seven Fires – Grilling the Argentine Way by Francis Mallmann with Peter Kaminsky

This is one of my all time favorite chefs and cook books.   After you get over the learning curve – cooking on a wood fire is FANTASTIC.  Francis is the master of wood cooking.  This book is full of ideas that will keep you busy by the fire all summer.  I must however provide a warning – his recipes are highly addictive.  Once you get the hang of wood cooking it’s hard to go back to a stove or a gas grill.  I’ve become so crazed about this approach I’ve had a welder make me a special wood fire grill.   The photo is of cooking Francis’s salt encrusted whole fish page 150.