Talk around the Beach Bar over the past week has been about the anger inherent in tribalism across today’s world.  

When we are THANKFUL we embrace the good in the world. 

When we are ANGRY we digest the bad in the world.   

Expressing anger makes us feel good in the moment – as our ego is stroked and we feel a sense of belonging to our tribe. However, the good feelings are shallow and destructive.

Thankfulness provides a lasting warmth to our body, mind and soul. It creates a two way connection. When we express gratitude to others, their reaction mirrors positive feelings towards us. 

This idea of thankfulness sparked memories of my dear friend Scott MacAuley – who passed away 12 years ago – his funeral was September 15, 2008. Scott was the visionary who helped create the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada on Prince Edward Island.   

Scott had always been thankful for life. He was always filled with joy. This natural spirit grew as his life was coming to an end.   

He was thankful to people – but also was thankful of the beauty of the sound of the waves on the ocean, thankful of a unique building design and thankful of the special tang in a cocktail sauce that we had on fresh Malpeque oysters in the kitchen of my farmhouse on the island.  

If Scott was with us today he would be embracing the good.  

I encourage you to embrace thankfulness – just as Scott did. It could well be the antidote to the tribalism around us.  

In memory of Scott who is buried in Dalmore, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, I created a riff on a Rusty Nail. The classic Rusty Nail was a drink of the “Rat Pack” in the 1960s. It uses Drambuie, a liquor from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Legend has it, the recipe was from Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1746. 

I call it a GREAT SCOTT… as SCOTT was a great human.  And a Great SCOT as well 🙂


Build over ice & stir:

1 1/2 oz of Tall Stacks – Smoked Bourbon

1/2 oz of Drambuie

Big Splash of Ginger-Ale