I find that fall and spring are both filled with hope and opportunity. Part of this comes from being born and brought up in Maine, New Hampshire and Prince Edward Island.  

Both spring and fall are times for rebirth. Both engage a ritual of putting away one set of clothes and pulling the next season’s clothes from the back of the closet.

With the crazed world of today, rebirth is something we all need more of. We need to restart and disengage from the political and covid “noise” that can consume us. 

Spring has the growth of sunlight hours, the return of birds, plants and warmth. Fall has the  mist over the lake each morning as the heat of the water releases – as you can see in the photo from the Beach Bar. Fall also has the harvest, the anticipation of the holiday season, the restart of school and work.  

This week, as the heat broke, the hummingbirds left to go south and a fleece was needed for my jog around the lake. I experienced a rebirth of energy as everywhere I looked there were fresh ideas coming to life.

Working with my long time friend, Renee Strom, a totally new type of visual event was created – a Jump Start Your Brain – THINKING ADVENTURE. It embraced the benefits of ZOOM and created a level of energy and engagement that I haven’t seen in six months of digital events.  Actually, it was the second amazing event – the other was a Raptor Zoomie held by the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

A call with Maggie Nichols sparked excitement as she outlined fresh Eureka! Ranch offerings that are wicked cool.

The amazing Brain Brew Custom Whiskey team blew my mind this week with very creative covid safe live experiences and wow upgrades to our products and operations methods. 

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND – that you embrace REBIRTH right now. When you embrace the Fall as an opportunity to change what you’re doing and how you’re working / living – a spark of energy will grow within you!  

What are you waiting for – Get Up! Get Out! Do Something Different!    

My “recipe” recommendation this week is a book that everyone needs to read. 

Ruhlman’s Twenty: 20 Techniques 100 Recipes A Cook’s Manifesto.     

It’s the best cookbook I’ve ever read! (Sorry Julia Child and Francis Mallmann)

It will also set you on your way to a REBIRTH of your cooking this Fall.  And with your cooking restarted – more of your life will restart as well. 

Ruhlman’s Twenty is a totally different type of cookbook. It will shake up how you think about cooking. Like many during Covid, I’ve gone through cooking phases – bread phase – gourmet phase – grilling phase. This book has opened my mind to a totally new way of thinking about how I cook. 

I knew it was a SPECIAL BOOK when I opened it and found that technique number one is THINK.

Special thanks to Phillip Kurtz, Director of R&D at Brain Brew & Master Chef, for the recommendation of Ruhlman’s book!