Nine days from now I will be less judgmental of Covid Restrictions than I was five days ago.  My wife and I are in Canada at our home on Prince Edward Island (PEI). PEI is a small province.  It has an amazingly low level of COVID infections.

Yes it’s an island and yes it’s a population that is unique (a conservative government ran for election once on implementing mandatory four bin sorting of trash to reduce waste and increase recycling and won with over 70% of the vote).  

PEI is a place I’ve come to for 53 years. This year it took almost a month to get all the approvals. Plus, we are required to go through a mandatory 14 day quarantine and it’s the real deal. We are called daily. They have fines that are SERIOUS and the community is in full support of the importance of quarantining.  

Being quarantined – not allowed to leave the property – not allowed to go to a store to get things for cooking a special recipe.  Not allowed to connect, even socially distanced with neighbors or even friends delivering food, is very frustrating.

However, as I jogged around the farm land in front of our house this morning, I came to the realization that while I may be frustrated because of what I can’t do, I actually should be embracing the positives around me.  

How amazingly beautiful the Island is. The photo above was taken this morning. 

How wonderful it is to have amazing friends who filled our refrigerator with food before we got here.  

How thoughtful it was for our neighbor across the street to leave two plates of Thanksgiving Dinner for when we arrived (Thanksgiving in Canada is in October).  

How great it is to have six different friends & neighbors reach out to help us get food or whatever we need – and they all really mean it.  

And most importantly, to be enjoying time with my amazing wife and our incredible dog Lexi. 

Yes, it’s time to savor the positives.