I am captivated when I get see the sun rising in the morning. I am equally captivated when I get to see the moon rising in the evening.

Nearly every morning here on Prince Edward Island when I come down the stairs and see the  sun rising, I can’t stop looking at it. I watch the sunrise from the front porch and from the window in my office. I’m not sure why I love both of these experiences. 

For some reason, even through the sunset looks like a sunrise, it just doesn’t excite me as much. It might be because both offer a sense of hope and new beginning. 

They both bring light and energy to the darkness. They both make you look up from the here and now to a world of opportunities. Then again, they both go with beverages we make: sunrise with Brain Brew Coffee and moonrise with Brain Brew Whiskey 🙂

The photos were taken this past week within 10 hours of each other. They are shot looking east towards New London Bay from the front of our PEI Canada farmhouse. 

First Recipe This Week: Magical Lobster Butter 

Being in the land of great seafood, we have had fresh lobster this week thanks to our neighbors (Kent and Vera) who each got us lobster during our quarantine.

Based on some unscientific testing here’s my choice for the best lobster butter. 

Combine the following:

  • Melted Butter
  • A Big Squeeze of a Fresh Lemon for acidity
  • A Splash of Absinthe or Pernod 

Next up, I’m going to try it on fish. 

Second Recipe This Week: Best Cocktail with Lobster 

My favorite drink to sip with lobster was what Dr. Deming used to have every Saturday night during is weekly lobster dinner. Being from Wyoming it was known by some as the Cowboy Martini or as the Deming Martini: 

The Deming Martini 

  • Fill an old fashioned glass with ice
  • Add 3 fingers of Gin (my current favorite with lobster is Hendricks Gin)
  • Enjoy

As you may or may not know, Gin like Rum always has some sugar added.  Sometimes with London Dry Gin it’s very, very low sugar. With others, it can be quite a bit of sugar.