26 years ago in my first book, I wrote about our Eureka! Research findings on the exponential power of diversity to ignite smarter and more innovative ideas. 

Patrick Aylward’s new book, THE COLLABORATIVE PATH, is a must read for anyone who is interested in making diversity and collaboration work. 

The book’s wisdom comes from his deep expertise igniting collaboration during years of work as a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator and conflict management consultant. 

The book is filled with dozens of “nuggets” on how we can all get along better. It’s a practical book with detailed ideas, advice and techniques. 

His discussion on “The Big Three Conversations the BOTTLE, the BLURT, the BLAB” is worth the price of the book alone:

BOTTLE (don’t speak up when frustrated with someone)

BLURT (suddenly blurts out a negative reaction to them )

BLAB (gossip negatively about the person to someone else)

Most importantly, he outlines in detail how to confront and neutralize each of these negative conversations. In a world that sometimes seems to have gone mad – it’s comforting and encouraging to read a book like this. 

I especially love how Patrick defines working together as not a win / lose situation but rather as more of a wholistic endeavor.  His definition is simple….


The book is available to order in print or digital form world wide. 

Here’s a link for Canada

Here’s a link for UK

Here’s a link for USA