“Have Fun Playing in the Snow” was on my mind this week.

It was written by my daughter Tori (Victoria) on a piece of scrap paper and hidden inside my backpack when I participated in the Aspirations Expedition to the North Pole years ago. It was one of a number of notes my wife Debbie and our kids had left me to find.

I opened one note every other day or so. “Have Fun Playing in the Snow” was opened the morning after a horrible day. We’d been traveling in a white out… stumbling on our skis while we chased the dog sleds. The day had been tough on me physically but even more so on me emotionally.   

Tori’s note gave me a new energy. Instead of wallowing in my pains and frustrations, I approached the day with a new outlook. I became light on my skis and took to the pressure ridges and rusty ice with youthful energy. 

This past week as snow fell and fell at the Beach Bar at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincy, I cross country skied around the lake to have fun playing in the snow. 

Today – just like at the pole – it’s all how you look at things. We can let the pandemic frustrate us or we can find ways to have fun playing during the pandemic. 

I’m writing this Saturday morning. Morning has broken – it’s time to get up, get out and have fun playing in the snow.  

If you’re interested you can learn more about this adventure in my book North Pole Tenderfoot.