I SHALL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE – Admiral Peary of Maine – the first to successfully reach the North Pole – wrote this in Latin on the  wall of his shelter in Greenland as he recovered from a broken leg. It’s also carved on his tombstone at Arlington Cemetery in Washington. 

The Admiral was one of the most tenacious and innovative explorers in history. His inventions on relays, cooking systems, team management, base camps, etc. are used today by virtually all explorers. 

This week, Admiral Peary’s quote came up at the Beach Bar as I was telling the story of trying to MAKE A WAY to get the COVID Vaccine.  

In Ohio, my wife and I became eligible for the vaccine on Thursday.  Within 4 hours we both had appointments for our first and second shots. 

We got the appointments by innovating or MAKING A WAY. 

The first 3.5 hours were painful as we ran into dead end after dead end.  

Then, we decided to think differently. Ohio is a big state.  Vaccines are distributed to every town. 

On pharmacy websites… we entered zip codes of areas where the population was less likely to be interested in getting the vaccine. These would be counties where the republican candidate won by 3 to 1 (74% to 24%) 

Eureka!  We got the appointments for the next day Friday!

Photo from my book North Pole Tenderfoot.