Hemingway’s quote spoke to me today. “Live the FULL LIFE of the mind, exhilarated by  new IDEAS, intoxicated by the ROMANCE of the UNUSUAL.”

I live my life intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. I believe I may well be genetically wired to reject the same old same old.   

That’s why instead of simply creating our bourbon to our taste preferences that we then sell others to like – we have reversed the process. 

Instead of us “selling” we “enable.”

We enable bourbon lovers to create their bourbon – branded and crafted to their tastes. It’s actually not a new idea – it’s an old one. In fact it goes back to the mid 1800s when Bourbon was born.  Back then – there were very few “bourbon brands” – rather you would visit a barrel blender and create your own to your tastes. 

At Brain Brew we are bringing this back.   

There are three options: 1) attend a live blending event , 2) buy a home kit shown in the photo or 3) use our artificial intelligence Bourbon Wizard – answer 13 questions and VOILA! It crafts your custom bourbon. Then, with a few clicks you can have your own bottles!.

No it’s not usual.  It’s not normal.  Rather, it’s the ROMANCE of the UNUSUAL. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up! Get Out! Get Going! On living the FULL LIFE.